Tree trimming is gaining importance by the day. An efficient way to deal with trees and issues related to them, tree services are proving to be extremely beneficial and efficient. So this new field has emerged into the tree sector and is indeed a boon. Now, when it comes to tree services, Stump Grinding is one essential among them.

Whenever any tree is cut down, it is essential to ensure that it is completely cleared. And Stump Grinder a machine which helps you do that. Stump Grinders are just like usual grinders which are used to smoothen stones or any other hard surfaces. So when a tree is cut down, the stump grinder essentially comes into the picture.

Stump smoothing

After chopping a tree, a stump is what makes the presence of a tree in the past obvious. Stump grinding levels down the stump to ground level and makes it seem like a tree never existed there in the first place. While disposing of this stump can be done in two ways – Stump Grinding and Stump Removal respectively, Stump Grinding is the easier way to get rid of the stump faster.

Stump grinding reduces the stump to a pulp, which is easier to dispose of. The size of stump grinders varies from that of a lawn mower to that of a truck. So basically, the size of the stump calls for appropriate size selection of the required stump grinder. Bigger the tree, bigger the grinder and faster completion of the work.

Stump grinding is not always when a tree is cut down; it also comes handy when a tree has fallen down due to some natural circumstances.

It comes extremely handy when you’re planning to get your yard landscaped, as removal and disposal of the unwanted trees and stumps become easier. Also, grinding stumps is essential to avoid injuries due to accidents caused by collision or tripping upon the stump.

Advantages of Stump Grinding:

  • Smoothens out the stump to the ground level.
  • Avoids the occurrence of accidents.
  • Quick removal and disposal of the stump
  • Less tiresome procedure
  • Removes unwanted stumps that spoil the overall look
  • Costs less than stump removal

Stump Removal

Stump removal is entirely different from grinding, in terms of the approach but not necessarily the result.  Stum removal entails digging up the stump and any major surface roots with a backhoe or other piece of heavy equipment.  The benefits of removal over grinding are that the stump is completely removed from the ground making foundation-type or paving work possible.  However, the disadvantages include potential damage to the nearby areas due to the heavy equipment and backfill may be necessary.   Most tree service customers opt for stump grinding both due to the lower cost as well as limited damage to nearby landscaping.  If you are interested in stump removal in the panhandle of Florida, Pensacola Tree Service LLC can provide a cost-effective quote that will rival stump grinding.

Final Thought

Removing a stump can be optional if you don’t need the space in your landscape or yard.  Tree stumps can be carved or turned into decorative planters.  This will both save you money and turn something ugly into a landscape asset.