tree thinning

What Can Cause the Tree Thinning Out?

There are many factors that can be to blame for the tree thinning out and dying of a timber plantation. One of the most common causes is stress. That is when the trees on the plantation begin to suffer from stress and begin to die.

The plantation owner could either be negligent or malicious. With a negligence there are plenty of causes for the tree death, the biggest one being the failure of the owner to address the disease itself. In the case of maliciousness the owner may be intentionally poisoning the trees, burning them down to destroy the seedlings, cutting off a tree limb or using chemicals as a means of killing the tree. These are just a few of the causes for the death of the tree.

If you have a plantation near a creek, you will need to be careful in monitoring what is happening with the water supply, particularly during the months of June and July. Water can wash chemicals in the soil and increase the acidity level of the water, which can cause further stress on the tree. It is also possible that you may have a bacterial problem in the root system, which can make the tree to die.

The bark disease is another serious symptom, where the bark on the tree is decaying rapidly and the tree’s trunk has become damaged. The disease can be mild to moderate in symptoms and more pronounced on some parts of the tree. Therefore, it is essential that you take special care in looking after the plantation if you are at a risk of having a root or bark disease.

Tree thinning is a very serious issue because this can lead to loss of income for your plantation. This is also a situation where the loss is unevenly distributed, depending on the species of tree. There is a greater chance of death of the plantation if the tree continues to be weakened.

The plantation isnot always as a result of the disease but rather from disease caused by improper management of the plantation. There are too many problems and issues at once that go together to cause the dying of the trees. The tree does not stop growing so the diseases and pests cannot keep them away.

The plantation thinning problems is the source of the colony dying and the main cause for the death of the trees. The plantation owner is to ensure that all necessary action is taken to prevent the spreading of the disease. It is also a possibility that the owner may be culpable to the death of the tree and its eventual failure.