New trees planted along sidewalk

Without trees, your landscape will look dull and lifeless. To improve the aesthetics of your yard, it is essential to add some trees to significantly change its appearance. Young trees are not difficult to keep, unlike the ones that are already maturing. However, they need simple care to ensure development and maintain its health.

Taking care of the young tree, especially in the first five years will ensure that the tree will grow to be healthy and sturdy as it matures. Although Mother Nature has her way of providing nurture for your trees, doing these tips will help your trees thrive further:

Proper Watering

Just like humans, trees need water to live and stay healthy. Watering in plants should follow a proper schedule because if not, it can be counterproductive. Too much watering can lead the tree to rot while under watering can cause stunted growth on trees. Keep these things in mind when watering your tree:

  • Deep watering will help roots expand deeper in the ground
  • The drip irrigation system is more recommended than direct spraying from sprinklers
  • Ensure proper soil moisture and proper drainage
  • Young trees need more water in the first 3 years of their lives
Adding Mulch

Surrounding the base of the tree with mulch will prevent the growth of weeds and help retain moisture that will aid the tree to get nutrients it needs to grow. Add a mulch of around 3-4 inches around the base of the tree for best results.

Pruning is Important

It is best to prune the tree during the dormant season when growth is slow. Pruning has a lot of beneficial effects to a tree if done properly. Eliminate diseased or damaged limbs or branches that can affect the entire tree’s health.

Pull Off Weeds

You do not want anything competing with your tree when it comes to nutrients, so pull off weeds and grasses that you can see near your tree. Do this regularly and whenever you see weeds around the tree to keep the ground clear. This will allow your tree to grow healthier.

Regular Cleaning

Keep the area around your tree free of debris and other types of waste. Remove fallen leaves, twigs, and flowers that you can see around your tree. Get rid of them because keeping them around your tree can attract disease and pests to infect your tree. Just as how you keep your tree free from weeds, keep your tree away from this debris, as well.

Practice Caution When Doing Tree Maintenance

Be careful not to cut or hit the bark of the tree when maintaining your tree with trimmers or lawn mowers. A young tree with a cut or damage is more vulnerable to pest infestation and other types of diseases. It can also cause stunted growth for your tree. Also, avoid wrapping your tree with ropes or lights as they can also affect the growth of the tree.

There are tree care services that you have to leave to the experts. Choose the company with a good reputation and can take proper care of your precious young tree. Do not choose a company just because of cheap service because you might find yourself