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Best Tools for Tree Pruning

Best Tools for Tree Pruning

Pruning is a horticultural practice which involved the selective removal of certain parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots. During the process, you need to have a selection of tools which are very necessary for it to happen properly. Some of the must-have pruning tools you need to have are:

Bahco Super Light Hedge Shears

A hedge trimmer, or hedge shear, is a gardening tool or machine used for trimming hedges or solitary shrubs. It is a basic necessity of every gardener – a decent pair of hedge shears. The Bahco Super Light Hedge Shears are robust and nimble – the keen-edged, tempered steel blades being of big help in trimming shrubs. It has a pivot locking feature which prevents the blades working themselves loose. They cost around £70.46 in Amazon.

ARS-300L Pointed Fruit Pruner

Pruners, also known as, Pruning Shears are a type of scissors for use on plants. This small, needle-nose pruning tool in particular is perfect for operating at delicate plants. With its long and thin-cutting blade, you can reach into foliage and perform precise surgical strikes without causing surrounding damage. They have a springy action to it and the blade produces neat and clean cuts. You can get it anywhere at a cost of £8.95.

Fruit Pruner

Bosch EasyPrune Cordless Secateurs

Secateur is another name for Pruners. This cordless power pruner is best known for the tech involved in it. It is said that it uses the miniaturised version of the mechanics that power electric bikes. An inner sensor inside the pruner is meant to measure the power required to perform the task and the motor will kick in and assist with the cutting. It starts on squeezing the handle. They are available online in Amazon at a cost of £59.99.

Niwaki GR Secateurs

Another popular company producing Secateurs, Niwaki’s latest offering from the super-sharp secateur selection weighs in £10 cheaper than the excellent Niwaki Pro secateurs. There is no noticeable compromise in quality too. It has steel-forged which is razor sharp, and the body feels beautifully balanced and robust in use. It costs £69 in any of the retail stores.


Felco 231 Two banded Anvil Lopper

A lopper is a cutting tool, used especially for pruning trees. Felco is widely renowned for the extensive range of high quality pruners. This lopping tool is one of the best on the market. The handles in this tool are made from light, tubular aluminium which have an 80cm reach that allows for deep delving into the undergrowth. It is costlier compared to other tools and is available in Amazon at a cost of £169.99.

Tree Trimming Tips and Techniques

Tree Trimming Tips and Techniques

There are a number of things that you should consider before trimming a tree or pruning it. There are a lot of tips and techniques that can help you effectively trim a tree. Even the slightest miscalculation could be very dangerous as it can lead to the tree’s harm or yours. Tree removal can often be avoided down the road if you correctly and routinely trim your larger trees.  Some of the tips that you should consider when you are trimming a tree are:

  • Always know that it is best to trim or prune a tree during its dormant season. You can prune a pine tree at any time, but it is still better to do so when it is dormant.
  • Be very conscious about the size of the branch that you are removing. If it is of very small size, say, for instance, 5cm in diameter, it is okay to remove it. If it is between 5 and 10 cm in diameter, it will not exactly be a great thing to do. If it is more than 10 cm, and if you want to trim it, you should have a really good enough reason.Tree trimming
  • Only trim branches that are weak and are V-shaped and narrow angles. Try and retain branches that have strong, U-shaped angles.
  • Try to prune branches when they are young. It becomes much easier to manage them at that point, and the risk of leaving scars while cutting is very low.
  • Do not trim a branch too close or too long.

These are some of the tips that you should follow when you have a tree trimming plan in your head. Now when it comes to actually trim those trees, you not only require tips, but you require a lot of techniques that you should use too. Some of them are:

  • Always look for the branch collar before making a cut. It grows from the stem tissue at the bottom base of the branch. Also look for the branch ridge. It is on the upper surface and is parallel to the branch angle at the stem.

  • Always try to angle your cut down and away from the stem and always cut outside the brank bark ridge.
  • Use the same technique with dead branches and living branches.
  • Use the three-cut technique for stems that are too long – Make a notch on the side of the stem that faces away from the branch that’s being held; make the second cut inside the crotch of the branch and above the branch ridge; the third cut will remove the stub by cutting through the stem parallel to the branch bark ridge.

For more information see Jeff Samuelson with Alter Tree Service Clarksville


Stump Grinding:  All You Need to Know

Stump Grinding: All You Need to Know

Tree trimming is gaining importance by the day. An efficient way to deal with trees and issues related to them, tree services are proving to be extremely beneficial and efficient. So this new field has emerged into the tree sector and is indeed a boon. Now, when it comes to tree services, Stump Grinding is one essential among them.

Whenever any tree is cut down, it is essential to ensure that it is completely cleared. And Stump Grinder a machine which helps you do that. Stump Grinders are just like usual grinders which are used to smoothen stones or any other hard surfaces. So when a tree is cut down, the stump grinder essentially comes into the picture.

Stump smoothing

After chopping a tree, a stump is what makes the presence of a tree in the past obvious. Stump grinding levels down the stump to ground level and makes it seem like a tree never existed there in the first place. While disposing of this stump can be done in two ways – Stump Grinding and Stump Removal respectively, Stump Grinding is the easier way to get rid of the stump faster.

Stump grinding reduces the stump to a pulp, which is easier to dispose of. The size of stump grinders varies from that of a lawn mower to that of a truck. So basically, the size of the stump calls for appropriate size selection of the required stump grinder. Bigger the tree, bigger the grinder and faster completion of the work.

Stump grinding is not always when a tree is cut down; it also comes handy when a tree has fallen down due to some natural circumstances.

It comes extremely handy when you’re planning to get your yard landscaped, as removal and disposal of the unwanted trees and stumps become easier. Also, grinding stumps is essential to avoid injuries due to accidents caused by collision or tripping upon the stump.

Advantages of Stump Grinding:

  • Smoothens out the stump to the ground level.
  • Avoids the occurrence of accidents.
  • Quick removal and disposal of the stump
  • Less tiresome procedure
  • Removes unwanted stumps that spoil the overall look
  • Costs less than stump removal

Stump Removal

Stump removal is entirely different from grinding, in terms of the approach but not necessarily the result.  Stum removal entails digging up the stump and any major surface roots with a backhoe or other piece of heavy equipment.  The benefits of removal over grinding are that the stump is completely removed from the ground making foundation-type or paving work possible.  However, the disadvantages include potential damage to the nearby areas due to the heavy equipment and backfill may be necessary.   Most tree service customers opt for stump grinding both due to the lower cost as well as limited damage to nearby landscaping.  If you are interested in stump removal in the panhandle of Florida, Pensacola Tree Service LLC can provide a cost-effective quote that will rival stump grinding.

Final Thought

Removing a stump can be optional if you don’t need the space in your landscape or yard.  Tree stumps can be carved or turned into decorative planters.  This will both save you money and turn something ugly into a landscape asset.

Some Tree Trimming Safety Tips

Some Tree Trimming Safety Tips

Tree Trimming as easy as it may sound is very dangerous. The removal of limbs and branches from a tree without the removal of the tree itself can be dangerous and requires a different set of skills. There are must-have safety tips that you must follow and you should be careful with it. Tree trimming operations require climbing and pruning, often with tools like chainsaws or trimmers. Here are 7 tips before you trim your trees

Wear the right PPE

PPE stood for Personal Protective Equipment. Protect your hands with leather lineman’s gloves. If you are involved in electrical work, always wear close-fitting, long sleeved clothing and a non-conductive hard hat. These operations can expose your eyes to dust, wood particles, insects, and pine needles, so you have to be sure to wear comfortable eye protection.

Protect passersby and co-workers

Wherever you are working, make sure that you mark off your work area around the tree. This will protect passersby and co-workers. If you are working on a tree that extends near or over a crowded area, especially like a road, wear high visibility clothing. You should keep in mind the speed limit of that road and its shoulder width to determine what cones and signs are needed.


Do a pre-work assessment

Each tree is different. Each one requires a different strategy and a different set of gear. Whatever it is that you are using, make sure that you have a protective plan to back it up. If you are using a ladder, tie it off on a branch that is secure. If it involves higher climbs, you may need a harness, climbing rope, or an aerial lift. Make sure everything is in order and double-check if everything is in shape. For example, inspect ropes, harnesses, and latches before and after each use.

Work with a partner

It is always a good idea to work with another person no matter what sort of job it is. In this case, it is good to have a person to back you up, who stays on the ground while you are climbing. Make sure that you and your partner have first-hand training in CPR and first aid. This might be really helpful in the event of an emergency.

Don’t use conductive tools near work lines

Conductive tools include ladders, pole trimmers, or other tools that can conduct electricity. If they come into contact with overhead power lines or electrical conductors. However, downed power lines can still contain energy which can gravely injure or kill you. Treat all power lines as if they are energized, just to be safe.  Click here for more information.

How To Prune A Tree

How To Prune A Tree

The major advantage of pruning a tree is that it helps make trees look neat and attractive. Pruning is majorly done to remove damaged branches, allow for net growth and create a unique shape. It is very risky though, as a little mistake could cost you damaging the tree. Some basic steps on how to prune a tree are given below

Assess the tree– Spend some time assessing the tree. Make sure you have the perfect idea on how you want it to be after the process. Analyse the tree’s size and shape.

Identify key parts of the tree– After assessing the tree, you will get an idea on how you want to trim the tree. Make sure that you recognize the major branches of the tree. The major articles are those that make up the skeleton of the tree. Avoid the removal of those branches.

Tree parts

Remove the weak branches– It is imperative that you remove the broken branches of the tree. They could be damaged due to any reason like a storm or some other event. However, they should be pruned so that the water and nutrients they are taking the tree get redistributed to the healthy branches.

Thin out some areas of the tree– You might find many thick branches in a tree. Try and remove branches that cross, and then open the plant to so that air might circulate and light will reach all parts of the plant. You should basically thin out the thick areas of the tree to make sure that there is good air circulation throughout the tree. Branches that are close together foster the growth of fungus and attract more insects.

Prune branches that act as obstacles– Always consider pruning if a branch is acting as an obstacle to your way. Even if they are low branches blocking your walkway or higher branches threatening your telephone wires, or are rubbing your roof. You should cut down branches that are causing some type of disturbance.

Sharpen the tree– This could help your tree to have a more rounded or neat looking shape. If you find any branches that stick out at odd angles, prune them down. It might make a huge difference.

Prune during the dormant season– Pruning trees at particular seasons tend to put less stress on the tree. For instance, pruning during the late fall or early winter puts less stress on the tree, since it minimizes sap loss. It is also better for the tree during this time because it is less likely for the “wound” to get infected by fungus or insects.